Free Webinar from Brain Injury Association of America: Realistic Hope After Brain Injury

Realistic Hope After Brain Injury
December 17, 2013 2:00 p.m. ET

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) is pleased to announce the creation of the Butch Alterman Memorial Webinar Series, a new series of free webinars that will be focused on and primarily for those who are living with brain injury. We are thankful to the Butch Alterman Memorial Fund which has supported us in the creation of this series.

What is the Butch Alterman Memorial Fund?

The Butch Alterman Memorial Fund was established by Maureen Alterman in memory of her husband and supports BIAA’s education efforts. Maureen established the fund to keep alive those things that meant the most to her husband, whose life centered around family, faith, serving his community via various charitable endeavors, educating his students, and serving his country through his military service in the United States Navy. Butch was an elementary educator for 35 years; his classroom motto was “let me teach so I can quench your thirst for learning.” He believed that education was the key to shaping his young students. The fund is the perfect way to educate those who have a thirst for knowledge about brain injury.

The inaugural webinar in the series will be offered on December 17, 2013. Our presenter will be Mark Palmer, author of Realistic Hope, developer of the Realistic Hope website, and 50-year survivor of a traumatic brain injury. He will discuss Realistic Hope after Brain Injury. Please join us!

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Please note this webinar does not offer any CBIS CEUs.

15 Tips for Surviving — and Enjoying — the Holidays with TBI

Flashing lights. Crowded stores. Loud family gatherings. The holiday season should be joyful, but it can often be overwhelming to someone who is living with traumatic brain injury.

If you are living with TBI, share these tips with your friends and family. If someone you love is living withTBI, the tips below can help you plan in advance to make the holiday season happier and more relaxed for all of your friends and family.

These great ideas came from members of BrainLine’s wonderful online community.


  1. Identify — in advance, if possible — a quiet place to go at gatherings if you are feeling overwhelmed. This gives you a chance to take a break, and lets your loved ones stay involved in the festivities.
  2. Avoid crowded stores and order gifts online instead.
  3. If you are shopping in stores, remember to make a list in advance and plan your trips on week days — either early in the morning or late at night when there are fewer crowds.
  4. Wear a cap with a brim or lightly tinted sunglasses to minimize the glare of bright lights in stores or flashing lights on a tree.
  5. Wear noise-reducing headphones or ear buds. These are also great gift ideas for loved ones with TBI if they don’t already have them.
  6. Ask a friend to go with you to stores or holiday parties.  They can help you navigate crowds and anxiety-producing situations.
  7. Plan in advance as much as possible. And ask your hosts what their plans are so you aren’t surprised by anything.
  8. Volunteer to help with the holiday activities that you enjoy the most and are least stressful for you.
  9. Remember to ask for help and accept help if it is offered to you.
  10. Ask someone you trust to help you with a budget to avoid overspending on gifts.
  11. Take a nap if you need a break.
  12. Remember that it’s okay to skip the big parties and plan to celebrate in a way that makes you comfortable and happy.
  13. Check in advance to see if fireworks are part of outdoor celebrations — and skip them if they make you uncomfortable.
  14. If flashing lights bother you, ask your friends and family to turn off the flashing feature on Christmas tree lights or other decorations when you visit their homes.
  15. You can let your host know in advance that you may need to leave early. It will help you feel comfortable if you need to get home or to a quiet place and it can also help avoid any hurt feelings.

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GREAT GIFTS HOLIDAY FAIR by entrepreneurs with disabilities


Art, Music, Crafts and Literature products brought to you by local entrepreneurs with disabilities

Saturday December 14th, 2013

11:30 am to 2:30 pm


5441 SE Belmont

The event is open to the public! If you would like to be an artist selling your work with Lavaun, please continue reading for instructions and information.

Local artist with a disability, Lavaun Heaster, is coordinating a holiday vending opportunity. This is for folks who want to sell their wares in a group setting. We will cross pollinate our customer base and share resources. Lavaun has struggled to find affordable venues to sell her products. So she wants to create an opportunity for us entrepreneurs with
disabilities to work together, have fun and bring in a larger crowd of purchasers.

TaborSpace is accessible, affordable, and looking forward to working with us. They will advertise this event in their newsletter.

Details of the event:

Each vendor is responsible for their own financial transactions. Lavaun has a vendor’s tip sheet. As a group, we will help each other out.

Venue is accessible and on the #15 bus route

Event is 11:30 – 2:30 pm.
Set up begins at 10:45 am.
Break down is 2:30 – 3:15 pm.

Lavaun is covering the $100 rental fee. She asks each vendor to contribute 10% of their sales for the first $100 earned to share this cost. That means she is asking for up to $10 per vendor. If you do not earn $100, she will cover the remaining costs for the rental out of her pocket.

TaborSpace and she (Lavaun Heaster) cannot be liable for your participation in this event.

To participate, please contact Lavaun at or 503 703-9983.

Please send photos of your products and websites if you have one. Lavaun will set up a facebook event page and would ask that you share the event if you are on facebook. Once we have a flyer for the event please post it if you can. Also tell your friends and e-mail contacts.

Saturday, December 14th
11:30 am to 2:30 pm
Tabor Space at 5441 SE Belmont

Nuevo grupos de apoyo en español: New support groups in Spanish

Flyer with information on Spanish support groups


¿Lesión Cerebral?
Grupo de Apoyo en Español!

Cada tercer Martes
5:30pm a 7:30pm

A Hospital Providence
4805 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR
En la sala HCC 6

Somos una Comunidad Unida. Todos son Bienvenidos. Somos una parte
activa de la comunidad afectada por lesiones cerebrales en el área de
Portland. Nuestras reuniones y actividades proveen un ambiente de
aceptación, apoyo, motivación y desarrollo social.
Invitamos a que personas con lesiones cerebrales, familiares, amigos, y
personas de apoyo cerebrales atienda a nuestro grupo y eventos.

Por favor registrese si planeas asistir: