Tyler Presnell on AM Northwest

From the AM Northwest website:

“Story Published: Mar 24, 2014 at 10:32 AM PDT

At 14, Tyler Presnell, his twin brother and his younger sister were in a violent car wreck, passengers in a car driven by a close family friend. That friend was 16 and had been licensed less than a week. The crash nearly killed Tyler, but it did not kill his spirit. Having gone through multiple surgeries, stints in intensive care, constant pain and months in a wheel-chair, Tyler knew that he had an important message to share. His speaking career started over ten years ago while he was still a patient in the intensive care unit at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Tyler speaks of his family, his lifelong recovery and the subsequent pain, and the challenge of living each day with over 80 percent of his short-term memory gone.

To find out more about Tyler or to have him speak at your school or organization click here.”

By the way, TBI survivor Tyler Presnell lives in the Pacific Northwest and is an accomplished poet. See him perform many of his original pieces on his YouTube Channel here. He’s also been doing outstanding public speaking for many years. You can contact him through his website to have him come speak to your group: www.tylerpresnell.org.

“Who Am I To Stop It” documentary film on Pacific Northwest artists with brain injury

Just in time for Brain Injury Awareness Month (or People With Brain Injury Appreciation Month), we have some scenes to show you from a local documentary film currently in production. The film is being made by BIRRDsong member Cheryl Green and features artists who have each had a TBI.

You can read about the film at www.WhoAmIToStopIt.com.

Watch the scenes here:

News of interest!

British Lawmakers Intensify Focus on Head Injuries


Spurred by the momentum the issue has gained in the United States, Parliament is examining a tightening of the rules governing the response to sports-related concussions.

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Injured ‘Spider-Man’ Dancer Discusses His Lawsuit


A cast member of “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” whose foot and leg were partly crushed during a performance, discusses his lawsuit in his first interview since the accident.

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Brain Trauma Extends to the Soccer Field


Researchers found C.T.E., a disease linked to football and boxing, in a soccer player who loved to head the ball, although they said the cause was inconclusive.

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