BIRRDsong Co-founder Joan Miller accepts Overcoming Adversity Award at St. Mary’s Academy

Joan Miller is a graduate of St. Mary’s Academy. Earlier this year, they held an awards ceremony for several graduates who have done an exceptional job of overcoming adversity in their lives. When Joan was nominated, St. Mary’s Academy called several BIRRDsong members and personal friends to ask for stories about what a wonderful person she is. We were so glad to share our experiences about what a positive influence Joan Miller is for individuals and the community.

Here is a video of her being introduced at the awards ceremony and then giving a speech. Congratulations, Joan!


Speakers Gordon Viggiano and Jill Viggiano on AM Northwest

Gordon Viggiano is a very experienced, seasoned public speaker. After having a stroke and developing a language disorder called aphasia, he continues to offer wonderful, dynamic presentations. Gordon and his wife Jill were on the TV program “AM Northwest” to promote their new book “Painful Blessing.”

May 13th
9:00 am
ABC, Channel 2

Learn more about Gordon’s story and Gordon and Jill’s public speaking work at

Read a summary from the book, “Painful Blessing” here:

You really do not want to miss this! Gordon and Jill have a fantastic presence. And as a brain injury community, we want to see more people with aphasia given media attention and being valued as public speakers.