New website with youth brain injury statistics

There’s a beautiful website you can go visit that gives a wonderful breakdown of how often young people get brain injuries and how those injuries tend to happen.

We encourage folks to check out this website: to see the images and information!

As you look at the different images and information, run your mouse along the screen. When you stop your cursor on the name of the different sports, even more valuable information pops up. It’s a great way to get informed.

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Brain injury information website research study opportunity

Ginnifer Mastarone is conducting a study about accessing online information about brain injury. Here is a description of the study and who can participate:

The goal of the study is to determine if a brain injury web site is helpful to brain injury survivors. Ginnifer also wants to see it if it is helpful to other people who need information about brain injury. The study will measure how useful the web site information is, how understandable it is, and how usable it is.

What participants will do as part of the study:

  • Complete an interview with Ginnifer at either the Hillsboro Public Library or the Central Library in downtown Portland. The interview will last 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Complete a cognitive (thinking) test
  • Answer a short survey
  • Look around the web site for information
  • Give Ginnifer thoughts and opinions about the web site

What participants will receive for participating in the study:

  • $20 for your time and as a thank you for participating
  • An opportunity to help make website information about brain injury better

Please click here to read more project details and how to get involved.
Anyone who may be interested in participating should contact Ginnifer Mastarone at or call (971) 258-2116.  Feel free to leave a message, it is a confidential voicemail.