About Us

Who We Are

We are peers with acquired brain injury, family and friends, and community members who strive to support and empower one another, helping to create the best possible lives for ourselves, and for our loved ones. We are from all walks of life. Many of us have sustained various types of acquired brain injury, including traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumors, and anoxia, or know someone who has.

What We Do

Our mission is to connect those touched by brain injury to the people, resources, and services that best serve their needs.

We are an umbrella organization that supports programs and services that serve the brain injury community in the Portland metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest. We are here to share what we’ve learned, advance awareness of brain injury and better connect people with what they need, when they need it. We value collaboration and look forward to expanding our community partnerships with like-minded organizations.

Why We Are Here

Our vision is to improve the quality of life of those affected by brain injury.

Brain injuries are complex and often misunderstood. Navigating life after a brain injury can be challenging for the individual and those who support someone who has sustained the injury. Our mission is to make that journey easier by providing an inclusive environment that fosters support, education, and collaboration between survivors, care partners, and the community.

How We Do It

We have monthly Peer Support Group Meetings as well as workshops and social events. We have Peer Support Meetings and separate Family & Friends Support Meetings. Join our mailing list to receive updates, announcements, and meeting reminders at info@bic-nw.org.

Find out more about Portland-area peer support meetings, activities and events, by following the link to the Community Calendar. We have also included wonderful local and regional resources on our Resources page. Be sure to take a look to see if any of these resources can be of help to you.

Make a Donation

Your donation helps us provide access to information and resources that can help brain injury survivors live successful and productive lives. Visit the Support Us page to find out how you can make a contribution. 

Volunteer with Us

Read about how folks are making a difference in our community. Follow the link to visit our Volunteers page. Volunteers serve on the board of directors, committees and work groups and can work on special projects, as well as organization development and infrastructure.  We thank you for all of your support. Brain Injury Connections Northwest is a community collaboration.