Unprecedented art project by brain-injured artist Kris Haas

Here is a post written by Kris Haas. Kris attended some BIRRDsong meetings a long time ago. She has been unable to continue because she is too sensitive to lights and sounds, and has fatigue. So getting to the meetings on TriMet *and* staying awake for the whole meeting and the ride home is currently too challenging.


 A poster showing 50 small abstract pieces of art. Beneath them in white text on black it says "1 YEAR 10,000 PIECES 1 ARTIST Live Video Streaming 24/7"


So look what she has done! She has crafted a wonderful way to interact with others by sharing her art.

A few years ago, she set the goal of painting at least one painting per day for a whole year and ended up with 10,202 original works! Now, she plans to bring the world into her studio while she does it again!

Here is a description that Kris wrote about her new online fundraiser. Please note that all donations are tax-deductible. Won’t you have a look and consider donating? Please share this post and the link to her fundraising page with everyone!

Links to her fundraiser through: http://www.usaprojects.org/project/1_year_10_000_pieces_1_artist or http://bit.ly/10THsig

“I am very excited about my new project “1 YEAR, 10,000 PIECES, 1 ARTIST Live Streaming Video 24/7.”  Taking attributes of Real Time Documentary, Performance Art, and Painting, while throwing in to that mix the endurance & stamina of an athlete I will be creating an environment that will bridge the gap between the art, artist, and viewer,  Watch This Inspirational Video

I am sharing with you at a early stage of it’s development because I am asking for your help in supporting the work.  I’m aiming to raise $11,750 by June 30th to cover the cost of the equipment and materials.  We believe that this project will be able to give us insights & details as to what goes on in an artist, as well as a person with a brain injury, daily life.

Want to learn more about this amazing project “1 YEAR, 10,000 PIECES, 1 ARTIST Live Streaming Video 24/7”

About USA Projects: Founded by the Ford, Rockefeller, Rasmuson and Prudential Foundations, United States Artists has supported the work of individual artist since 2005. Donating through USA’s micro-philanthropy initiative, USA Projects supports the work of accomplished artist all across America and is tax-deductible.

So help the arts and brain injury awareness grow in America.

Most Gratefully,

Kris Haas