David Kracke, Max Conradt and Max’s Law

Max Conradt is a lovely individual involved with BIRRDsong for many years. Max sustained multiple concussions in a very short time period playing high school football. That led to severe brain injury. It also led to his father and others taking action to find ways to protect our young athletes from the same situation in the future. This is how we got Max’s Law, a law that has been passed in more than half of the States in the U.S.!! This law made it mandatory for coaches to get training in how to recognize a concussion and how to know when a player simply must stay off the field or court to recover fully.

There are many articles in the papers and online about Max. We will be posting some of those here soon!

This one is a heartfelt article written by lawyer and brain injury advocate David Kracke. This article is several years old, and Max has a new story to tell now in 2012. But it’s very important to read this article to see what was going on in 2009 and to understand that his series of concussions led to severe, permanent brain injury.

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David Kracke successfully represents many individuals with traumatic brain injury and is an expert in that area. He served on the Board of the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon and is co-editor of their newsletter, The Headliner. We appreciate that he takes time from his busy practice to write these articles for the public. He helps us greatly with our work of raising awareness about brain injury.

You may contact Mr. Kracke at 503-224-3018 (preferred)

or david@craignicholslaw.com

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