Free Webinar from Brain Injury Association of America: Realistic Hope After Brain Injury

Realistic Hope After Brain Injury
December 17, 2013 2:00 p.m. ET

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) is pleased to announce the creation of the Butch Alterman Memorial Webinar Series, a new series of free webinars that will be focused on and primarily for those who are living with brain injury. We are thankful to the Butch Alterman Memorial Fund which has supported us in the creation of this series.

What is the Butch Alterman Memorial Fund?

The Butch Alterman Memorial Fund was established by Maureen Alterman in memory of her husband and supports BIAA’s education efforts. Maureen established the fund to keep alive those things that meant the most to her husband, whose life centered around family, faith, serving his community via various charitable endeavors, educating his students, and serving his country through his military service in the United States Navy. Butch was an elementary educator for 35 years; his classroom motto was “let me teach so I can quench your thirst for learning.” He believed that education was the key to shaping his young students. The fund is the perfect way to educate those who have a thirst for knowledge about brain injury.

The inaugural webinar in the series will be offered on December 17, 2013. Our presenter will be Mark Palmer, author of Realistic Hope, developer of the Realistic Hope website, and 50-year survivor of a traumatic brain injury. He will discuss Realistic Hope after Brain Injury. Please join us!

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Please note this webinar does not offer any CBIS CEUs.

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