Gold Mind Meditation Project with Had Walmer

Head-injury is an invisible disability, not easily seen from the outside like a wheelchair or crutches. It’s a complex injury to a complex organ, known profoundly from inside. Each survivor experiences a different array of symptoms.  Gold Mind Meditation Project empowers you to transform your relationship with this condition to actually thrive through the power of mindfulness.

I speak from personal experience.  Returning to college years ago, I was involved in a serious car accident.  Jaws-of-Life were required to free me from the vehicle, I got a skull fracture and was in a coma for seven days. My brain swelled in my skull and when I came to I had amnesia, diplopia (double-vision), and severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). In an instant I was not who I used to be.

Since that time I have lived with the challenges of TBI. I struggled to complete my university degree and to get on with my new life (‘2.0’). I graduated from the university and then within a few years experienced frustrating failure in the loss of several jobs due to this. Often my perceptions were cloudy – I was very unaware of what I could do or be. My friend who is an Occupational Therapist pointed out that this problem was the direct result of my TBI, what that is, and that I can have some say in my own rehabilitation.

TBI has often been misdiagnosed and thus poorly treated. In top-of-the-line and expensive rehabilitation programs I was taught ‘compensatory coping-strategies’ for the ‘cognitive-deficits’ of this brain injury. These strategies were well-intended rehab but fell short of knowing and actually addressing my best possible well-being and peace with the totality of this ‘new me’. They didn’t work for me; I had to learn this necessary inner transformation for myself.  In my own explorations I have learned to sift gold (possibilities) from the gravel of my life experiences in order to find meaning, value and purpose for myself. Meditation was the key.

I’ve learned mindfulness meditation practice also called Insight Meditation. Regular meditation practice helps me be concentrated and focused, capable of sustained attention to chosen activities. With mindfulness practice we take a stand for our inner wellness, at peace beyond the damages of our trauma and change. This is a path of being at peace with and authentic in your life, now. You will be ready to pick up the next thing in your life, getting back benefits in proportion to the time that you put into practice.

Mindfulness practice can lead to brain healing (‘neuroplasticity’- the brain can heal itself).  I am now choosing to live my life intentionally and more skillfully – making peace with this malady and finding the healing I need in the present moment. You can do this too. Here is the start of a new path for you! Being calm and clear.  With Focused thinking, activating your mind’s inherent strengths. Loving the life you live.  Really!

I lead a training of five sessions for you to learn flourishing mindfulness and continue at your own pace with suggested local resources.

2013 classes have not been scheduled yet. Please email me to find out when classes will be held. You can also check on the Calendar page of this website!

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