Everyday Needs

Store to Door

Services Provided: Store to Door facilitates independent living for Portland-area seniors and people with disabilities by providing a low-cost, personalized grocery.

Cost/Funding: Delivery fees are 10% of the total grocery bill, excluding any prescription medications. Clients may be elibible for lower rates.

Contact Person:

Phone Number: (503) 200-3333

Email Address: office@storetodooroforegon.org

Physical Address: PO Box 4665, Portland, OR 97208

Website: www.storetodooroforegon.org

Project Linkage of Metro Family Service

Services Provided: Volunteers provide transportation, shopping, home repair and friendly contact to seniors and people with disabilities.

Contact Person: Molly Hansen

Phone Number: (503) 249-0471

Physical Address: Project Linkage of Metropolitan Family Services, 2200 N.E. 24th Ave., Portland, OR 97212

Website: www.metfamily.org

Interim Healthcare

Services Provided: Interim Healthcare provides services such as companionship, home-making and skilled care (RN, LPN, foot care).

Cost/Funding: $17-$22 per hour depending on services

Contact Person: Adam Morris

Phone Number: (503) 761-6050

Email Address: adammorris@ncshosting.com

Physical Address: Interim Healthcare, 9498 S.W. Barbus Blvd., Suite 310, Portland, OR 97219

Traumatic Brain Injury Project at Disability Rights Oregon

Services Provided: Helps people with brain injuries who are having trouble getting health benefits, services and support. They also investigate reports of abuse and neglect. In addition, they offer trainings on the rights of people.

Cost/Funding: Free

Comments: Trainings may be available for groups upon request to people with TBI, their family members, service providers, and employers. Please contact DRO to request a training.

Contact Person: Intake Specilalist

Phone Number: (503) 243-2081

Email Address: welcome@disabilityrights.org

Physical Address: Traumatic Brain Injury Project, 610 SW Broadway, 2nd Floor, Portland, OR 97205

Website: http://www.disabilityrightsoregon.org

Orphaned Wheelchairs

Services Provided: Power wheelchairs

Cost/Funding: Completely free service for those who qualify.

Contact Person:

Phone Number: (503) 375-9523

Email Address: jgaumond@pop.netzero.net

Wheels of Power

Services Provided: No cost power chairs

Cost/Funding: Free, maintenence not included.

Comments: A service of the Rotary Club.

Contact Person: Janet Camper

Phone Number: (503) 228-1542

Physical Address: Wheels of Power, 619 S.W. 11th, Suite 123, Portland, OR 97205

Website: www.rotarypdx.org/wheels_of_power.html

Independent Living Resources

Services Provided: The four core services are: 1) Advocacy, 2)Information and Referral, 3) Peer Counseling and 4) Skills Training

Cost/Funding: Everything is free except for  Braille transcription services. Contact the organization for a quote on Braille transcription services.

Contact Person: Sarah Gerth

Phone Number: (503) 232-7411

Email Address: sarah@ilr.org

Physical Address: 1839 NE Couch Street, Portland, Oregon, 97232

Website: www.ilr.org