Andrew Ellis, PhD

Services Provided: Dr. Ellis is a neuropsychologist and has specialty training in Health and Rehabilitation Psychology. He provides neuropsychological and psychological evaluations. Dr. Ellis is Director of Rehabilitation Services at Progressive Rehabilitation Associates. He is a sought after speaker on brain injury and cognitive rehabilitation.

Cost/Funding: Works with many insurance plans. Please call to check your specific plan benefits.

Comments: Neuropsychological services are designed to diagnose, clarify, and confirm a survivor’s disability and impairment. Psychological services help survivors overcome anxiety and depression. Dr. Ellis is only available to a few evaluations a month.

Contact Person: Brandi Timperley, Intake Coordinator

Phone Number: (503) 292-0765 ext.159

Email Address:

Physical Address: Brain Injury Resource Center at Progressive Rehabilitation Associates, 1815 SW Marlow Avenue, Suite 110, Portland, OR 97225