Disability Benefits

Cheryl Coon, Attorney and Advocate

Services Provided: Cheryl Coon and her law firm represent people who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits, both SSD and SSI.  We handle cases from initial application through federal court appeals.  We are available to help you with applying for benefits.

Comments: Cheryl Coon leads the Social Security Disability Section at Swanson Thomas Coon & Newton, Attorneys at law, who have been practicing in this area for twenty-five years.  Cheryl is a former member of the Board of the Brain Injury Alliance of Oregon and a supporter of BIRRDsong.

Contact Person: Cheryl Coon

Phone Number: (503) 228-5222

Email Address: ccoon@stc-law.com

Physical Address: 820 SW Second Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97204

Website: www.stc-law.com