“Brain Injury Journey” magazine and brain injury blog

A lot of speech therapists and occupational therapists know about Lash & Associates Publishing / Training company. They have a huge amount of books, DVDs, CDs and resources online and that clinicians can buy. They can use these things for rehabilitation to support our recoveries.

But guess what! Lash & Associates has a couple secret gems for all of us!


1. Brain Injury blog: www.lapublishing.com/blog/

Visit that site to read lots and lots of interesting posts written by people with experience with brain injury. Some of the bloggers have a brain injury, some are family or friends, and some work with folks with brain injury. This blog is really exciting. It’s not all about showing off research and medical information. These are stories from people who want to share their opinions, ideas, experiences, and wisdom with the community.

2. “Brain Injury Journey” online magazine: www.lapublishing.com/blog/brain-injury-journey-magazine/

If you fill out the information at the link just above, you can get the magazine online for free! They will send you an email each time a new one comes out. Click the link in the email and enjoy the magazine. It’s a wonderful publication.

If you prefer to read it on paper, you can sign up for a $48 subscription here:  www.lapublishing.com/blog/2013/brain-injury-magazine-print/.

Here is how Lash & Associates describes this magazine: “Filled with empowering personal stories, informative interviews, clinical findings, and research updates, Brain Injury Journey Magazine helps you navigate the challenges of life after an acquired brain injury. Whether you are a survivor, veteran, family member, or caregiver, you will find support and information to guide you on your journey. Providers, clinicians, educators, and advocates will find articles that guide and inform them as critical partners in the brain injury community. We are all in this together.”

And I agree. I’ve just started reading the magazine. I highly recommend it!—Cheryl