BIRRDsong Co-founder Joan Miller accepts Overcoming Adversity Award at St. Mary’s Academy

Joan Miller is a graduate of St. Mary’s Academy. Earlier this year, they held an awards ceremony for several graduates who have done an exceptional job of overcoming adversity in their lives. When Joan was nominated, St. Mary’s Academy called several BIRRDsong members and personal friends to ask for stories about what a wonderful person she is. We were so glad to share our experiences about what a positive influence Joan Miller is for individuals and the community.

Here is a video of her being introduced at the awards ceremony and then giving a speech. Congratulations, Joan!


Joan Miller speaks on sober-driving on KGW

Once again, BIRRDsong co-founder Joan Miller has done a tremendous community service: she is on the local news again! Joan gives presentations year round about the importance of safe, sober, unimpaired driving. And she makes a special point to be even more vocal around New Year’s Eve. This is a really dangerous night to be on the roads because too many people think only of their fun in the moment. They don’t think enough about everyone’s safety and everyone’s chance at making it to ring in the new year peacefully.

Click on the link below to read a short article online about Joan’s experiences being hit by a drunk driver and about the work she and others in our community do to raise awareness of the importance of safe driving.

How about some art for holiday gifts?

The time of year is fast approaching when many folks give and receive gifts. This year, how about some art created by folks with brain injuries?

Quite a few BIRRDsong members (or BIRRDies as some of us call ourselves) create art. And we sell it!

Here is a very small taste. If you are an artist with a brain injury of any kind, or you know an artist with brain injury, contact us. We would love to add folks to this list.

Send us an email at

1. Jeffery Black’s visual art can be found at: He creates elegant line drawings on a range of topics and subjects.

2. Cheryl Green’s short comedy films can be found at:

3. Joan Miller designs and hand-sews unscented, flax seed eye pillows to soothe tired eyes. You can contact her through her blog, here:

4. Kris Haas is an abstract painter. Her work is for sale either as paintings, prints, or digital downloads here:

Affects of impaired driving

Taking Action


Joan Miller, founding Board Secretary of BIRRDsong is a passionate victim advocate for Oregon Impact and brain injured people, and a frequent speaker in schools and on victim impact panels.

You can visit Joan’s blog at