Unprecedented art project by brain-injured artist Kris Haas

Here is a post written by Kris Haas. Kris attended some BIRRDsong meetings a long time ago. She has been unable to continue because she is too sensitive to lights and sounds, and has fatigue. So getting to the meetings on TriMet *and* staying awake for the whole meeting and the ride home is currently too challenging.


 A poster showing 50 small abstract pieces of art. Beneath them in white text on black it says "1 YEAR 10,000 PIECES 1 ARTIST Live Video Streaming 24/7"


So look what she has done! She has crafted a wonderful way to interact with others by sharing her art.

A few years ago, she set the goal of painting at least one painting per day for a whole year and ended up with 10,202 original works! Now, she plans to bring the world into her studio while she does it again!

Here is a description that Kris wrote about her new online fundraiser. Please note that all donations are tax-deductible. Won’t you have a look and consider donating? Please share this post and the link to her fundraising page with everyone!

Links to her fundraiser through: http://www.usaprojects.org/project/1_year_10_000_pieces_1_artist or http://bit.ly/10THsig

“I am very excited about my new project “1 YEAR, 10,000 PIECES, 1 ARTIST Live Streaming Video 24/7.”  Taking attributes of Real Time Documentary, Performance Art, and Painting, while throwing in to that mix the endurance & stamina of an athlete I will be creating an environment that will bridge the gap between the art, artist, and viewer,  Watch This Inspirational Video

I am sharing with you at a early stage of it’s development because I am asking for your help in supporting the work.  I’m aiming to raise $11,750 by June 30th to cover the cost of the equipment and materials.  We believe that this project will be able to give us insights & details as to what goes on in an artist, as well as a person with a brain injury, daily life.

Want to learn more about this amazing project “1 YEAR, 10,000 PIECES, 1 ARTIST Live Streaming Video 24/7”

About USA Projects: Founded by the Ford, Rockefeller, Rasmuson and Prudential Foundations, United States Artists has supported the work of individual artist since 2005. Donating through USA’s micro-philanthropy initiative, USA Projects supports the work of accomplished artist all across America and is tax-deductible.

So help the arts and brain injury awareness grow in America.

Most Gratefully,

Kris Haas




How about some art for holiday gifts?

The time of year is fast approaching when many folks give and receive gifts. This year, how about some art created by folks with brain injuries?

Quite a few BIRRDsong members (or BIRRDies as some of us call ourselves) create art. And we sell it!

Here is a very small taste. If you are an artist with a brain injury of any kind, or you know an artist with brain injury, contact us. We would love to add folks to this list.

Send us an email at info@birrdsong.org.

1. Jeffery Black’s visual art can be found at: www.jefferyblack.com. He creates elegant line drawings on a range of topics and subjects.

2. Cheryl Green’s short comedy films can be found at: www.storyminders.com.

3. Joan Miller designs and hand-sews unscented, flax seed eye pillows to soothe tired eyes. You can contact her through her blog, here: www.joanwins.com/blog.

4. Kris Haas is an abstract painter. Her work is for sale either as paintings, prints, or digital downloads here: www.etsy.com/shop/AbstractXpressionism.