Tyler Presnell on AM Northwest

From the AM Northwest website:

“Story Published: Mar 24, 2014 at 10:32 AM PDT

At 14, Tyler Presnell, his twin brother and his younger sister were in a violent car wreck, passengers in a car driven by a close family friend. That friend was 16 and had been licensed less than a week. The crash nearly killed Tyler, but it did not kill his spirit. Having gone through multiple surgeries, stints in intensive care, constant pain and months in a wheel-chair, Tyler knew that he had an important message to share. His speaking career started over ten years ago while he was still a patient in the intensive care unit at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Tyler speaks of his family, his lifelong recovery and the subsequent pain, and the challenge of living each day with over 80 percent of his short-term memory gone.

To find out more about Tyler or to have him speak at your school or organization click here.”

By the way, TBI survivor Tyler Presnell lives in the Pacific Northwest and is an accomplished poet. See him perform many of his original pieces on his YouTube Channel here. He’s also been doing outstanding public speaking for many years. You can contact him through his website to have him come speak to your group: www.tylerpresnell.org.

Doctor applies his own traumatic brain injury experience to mission

Here is a beautiful article from www.Army.mil, the official Homepage of the United States Army.

Army Col. (Dr.) Kenneth Lee talks about how going through his own traumatic brain injury after a suicide bomber attack near Baghdad has changed the way he works with his active and non-active duty patients. He also talks about realizing the effect that his trauma, anger, and denial of his injuries had on his family and how he came to terms with that.

He has more understanding of the signs, symptoms, and struggles of TBI and PTSD for the soldier and for the soldier’s family and community.

Please click this sentence to read the entire article.

Affects of impaired driving

Taking Action


Joan Miller, founding Board Secretary of BIRRDsong is a passionate victim advocate for Oregon Impact and brain injured people, and a frequent speaker in schools and on victim impact panels.  www.oregonimpact.org.

You can visit Joan’s blog at  http://joanwins.com/blog/