Dan Lita’s Brain Injury Storyboard

This page is named in honor of our dear friend, Dan Lita, who was an active participant in BIC-NW.  Dan inspired us to share our stories in order to encourage others and to simply “know each other better”.  He led by example and was an encouragement to us all.

If you would like to share your experiences with readers on our website, or even just with friends or family, we would love to hear from you and we will help you put your story in writing.

If you’re interested, please contact us by email at info@bic-nw.org, or by phone at (971) 258-0561.

  • Norm Ward’s Story

    February last year, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, so my urologist and I decided that we'd do the surgery, and on May 21st I had my prostate out. By the end of June, I was feeling great. I was hiking again and cutting firewood...
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  • Mike’s Story

    Well, I'm married to a wonderful woman, Emily. Got two daughters from previous marriages, and I was a union sheet metal worker -- designed, built, and installed HVAC systems. That was my day side, if you will, but I was also into more of a darker side of society.
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  • Jim Martin’s Story

    For nearly 30 years, prior to December 2010, I enjoyed a successful professional career as an active trial lawyer. It was a rewarding and, in retrospect, an all-consuming life adventure. Then, in an accident of which I have absolutely no memory, it suddenly ended when I experienced a severe traumatic brain injury.
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  • Karl M.

    Just as we are ALL Unique Individuals and so are ALL Brain Injury to each Individual. There are several cases of TBI pending the individual’s Glasgow Coma Scale being at Mild, Moderate and Severe. I had the severe case being that I was In a Coma for 32 days.
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  • Joan Miller

    On June 12th 1999 I was almost killed by a hit and run drunk driver. My husband John and I were attending a business conference in Ogden, Utah when it happened. I was left with numerous injuries however the permanent injury, the one that would change my life was a TBI.
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