Had Walmer

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I am a very different person than I was before acquiring my brain injury on the last day of 1977 in a car accident. At that time, I was a student at OSU studying architecture with plans to build ecologically sustainable buildings. Read more

Erin Maureen Carr

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My name is Erin Maureen Carr and I am 36 years old. I have survived 2 cancers. I am now a 20 year survivor of a brain tumor and 23 year survivor of thyroid cancer.

The doctors thought when I stopped talking and walking during my brain tumor that I would never talk or walk, again. Read more

Tony W.

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My name is Tony W. I’m 66 years old. My sister is writing down these thoughts as I express them to her mostly by gesture, since I lost the ability to use words to speak or write due to the stroke I had in 2011. Read more

Fern W.

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In 2009 my life changed drastically due to two stroke. Recovering from a brain injury was challenging, frustrating, and fearful. I made a commitment to myself that I would not JUST EXIST but LIVE no matter how well I recovered. And that’s what my partner Pat and I set out to do—learning to live with the new me. Read more

Christian R.

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What do you want people to know about brain injury?

Brain Injuries has been happening since early life. We are just modern human examples at a time that we are able to reflect and greatly support recovery using science, technology and build the rich support networks needed to make the most complete recovery possible. Read more

Brian L.

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Call me Brian L. , or the Bogey Man, since I enjoy golf but have been realizing, more and more, that bogeys (one stroke more (worse) than a par) are often as much a sign of a man-sized effort as pars. Read more

Brandon S.

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I would like people to know that BRAIN INJURY is DIFFERENT for EVERYBODY!! It doesn’t matter what you USED to do. After you get a brain injury, your whole WORLD turns upside down!!! I’m not trying to YELL at anyone, but I want the truth to be known!! Read more

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