John Hymes’ Story

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What was your life like before your injury?

John was born in Fort Knox Kentucky on May 4, 1959. Growing up he moved to many different states because of his father’s service in the military. The majority of his childhood was spent in San Antonio Texas, where he had many good friends that he “remembers with his heart”. Read more

Marc Dunbar’s Story

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First, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

April 16, 1981

There were 5 of us and we had driven from Ft. Myers, Florida to Orlando, Florida, with plans to spend the next day at Disney World. After spending at least 16, perhaps 18, hours at Disney World, and in the hot Florida sun, we decided it was time to head home.  Read more

Lynn James’ Story

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What was your life like before your brain injury?

I was an adjunct professor at Concordia University, teaching chemical dependency and addictive behaviors. I just got a loan to open up an adult care home, I was working evenings at a DUI program for Treatment Services Northwest, and I was also taking care of my mother in my home. Read more

Teresa Conroy’s Story

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What can you tell me about your brain injury?

The brain injury was on June 23, 2015. We were moving back to Oregon after a year in Kentucky. I had the whole house packed up, everything was on a truck headed for Oregon, and I was returning the cable box because that’s what you do when you move. Read more

Norm Ward’s Story

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What can you tell me about your brain injury?

February last year, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, so my urologist and I decided that we’d do the surgery, and on May 21st I had my prostate out. By the end of June, I was feeling great. Read more

Mike’s Story

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Tell me what your life was like before your brain injury.

Well, I’m married to a wonderful woman, Emily. Got two daughters from previous marriages, and I was a union sheet metal worker — designed, built, and installed HVAC systems. That was my day side, if you will, but I was also into more of a darker side of society. Read more

Jim Martin’s Story

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Sustaining hope while in transition and finding fulfillment

For nearly 30 years, prior to December 2010, I enjoyed a successful professional career as an active trial lawyer. It was a rewarding and, in retrospect, an all-consuming life adventure. Then, in an accident of which I have absolutely no memory, it suddenly ended when I experienced a severe traumatic brain injury. Read more

Karl M.

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What would you like people to know about brain injury?

Just as we are ALL Unique Individuals and so are ALL Brain Injury to each Individual.

There are several cases of TBI pending the individual’s Glasgow Coma Scale being at Mild, Moderate and Severe. Read more

Joan Miller

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On June 12th 1999 I was almost killed by a hit and run drunk driver. My husband John and I were attending a business conference in Ogden, Utah when it happened. I was left with numerous injuries however the permanent injury, the one that would change my life was a TBI. Read more

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