Winter Weather Update

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January 17, 2024




COAD Partner Meeting Tomorrow January 18

We would like to check in with you tomorrow to hear your stories and concerns after the severe winter weather event we just went through. It’s not over yet, but we expect slightly warmer days later this week.

Thursday, January 18
11:00 AM
On Zoom

American Red Cross Disaster Support

The Red Cross is a volunteer-led nonprofit organization that helps meet the urgent needs of people affected by disasters. They focus on providing safe shelter, food, emotional support, and health services. They also supply emergency relief supplies, such as blankets, hygiene items and cleaning kits.

During extended weather events or in times of prolonged power outages, the Red Cross will help support sheltering and services provided by county emergency managers and other partners.

If people have been displaced due to damage to their home, please call the Red Cross Duty Officer line at 888-680-1455 or our national line at 1-800-RED-CROSS or go to

Please download the Red Cross disaster App by going to

SNAP Replacement Benefits

PGE and the Department of Human Services can help replace food purchased with SNAP benefits that went bad due to power outages.

Please see the link below for more information.

Oregon Department of Human Services : SNAP Replacement Benefits : Food Benefits : State of Oregon

PBOT Travel Advisory


Please avoid travel until conditions improve.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has asked that we keep roads clear for PBOT crews and first responders during this citywide emergency.

Side streets and routes in high-elevation areas are totally iced over.

Severe Weather Warming Shelters Closed

Multnomah County warming shelters closed at 10 am this morning.

Thank you to all community members who helped disseminate shelter information during this severe weather event.