We have a panel of experienced speakers; both survivors or professionals. Our presentations:

  • Use video, PowerPoint, resource brochures and props (skateboards, helmets)
  • Inform and engage the audience about brain injury from the survivors’ points of view
  • Are delivered with passion and first-hand experience of injury, recovery and support
  • Include audiences at all grade levels in an interactive discussion
  • Can be offered in classes, school assemblies and PTA meetings
  • Advocate for safety, prevention, support and resources

Contact us for more information, or to schedule a presentation in your class, assembly or meeting.

Thank you to Professor Enie Vaisburd and her Pacific University class for their beautiful collaboration in creating the above video.

Acupuncture and more for TBI

Download Aiden Seraphim’s presentation (PDF)

This presentation is offered for informational purposes only. The presentation/presenter does not necessarily represent the views, opinions, or official recommendations of Brain Injury Connections Northwest (BIC-NW) or its board of directors.

Thank you to Karl Moritz for arranging Aiden’s presentation during the March 2018 BIRRDsong meeting!

Speakers and Presenters

This is a growing list of individuals who give lectures, workshops, and presentations on various topics related to brain injury. Some are peers with brain injury, and some are clinicians and providers. Please follow up with each individual presenter to arrange a presentation for your group or organization. These speakers may or may not be associated with Brain Injury Connections NW. They are provided for your information.

Cheryl Green, MFA, MS (peer)

Experience: Public speaking and lecturing since 2000. Member of Brain Injury Resource Center of Wisconsin Speakers Bureau.

Type of Presentations offered: Informational, incorporating the arts in rehabilitation, film screenings with lecture, educational. I present on my own, with other peers (survivors), and with speech-language pathologists depending on the topic.

Audience: Brain injury survivors and family, speech-language pathology students and clinicians, artists.


  • Living Creatively after Brain Injury: Using improvisational theater techniques to explore creativity
  • Mild≠Minor: How mild traumatic brain injury creates specific barriers to rehabilitation
  • Personal Narrative Film: A social participation approach to cognitive rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury
  • “Cooking with Brain Injury” and” Friending with Brain Injury!”: presentation of one or both short comedy films with discussion on topics shown in the autobiographical films (executive dysfunction, social isolation, emotional control, stigma, stereotypes, cognitive difficulties)

Other topics can include:

  • Personal narrative
  • Disability arts
  • Brain injury arts
  • Film making and documentary
  • How folks with brain injury can create an online presence through blogs, video posting, and audio posting

Fees: Please inquire. Depends on length and type of presentation.
Contact: info@storyminders.com or 503-432-3169
Website: www.storyminders.com | LinkedIn

Joan Miller (peer)

Experience: Eleven years experience with public speaking.
Type of Presentations offered: Informational and motivational. I present on my own or with other individuals and organizations including:

  • Dr. Bruce Wojciechowski
  • Panel of people who have been personally impacted by the effects of drinking and driving, addressing a court mandated audience going through diversion for DUII
  • Oregon Impact
  • Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon (RIO)


  • Grade school through college
  • Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association International conference (NORA)
  • Annual Brain Injury Conference in Portland OR
  • VIP (Victims Impact Panel) in Clackamas & Portland
  • Marine / Navy ROTC
  • Chiefs of Police


    • Alcohol & effects on the teenage brain

Successful living with TBI as opposed to what society says

  • Optical function & treatment with TBI
  • Using humor for coping, healing & ultimately success
  • The importance of continuing rehabilitation
  • Success by the hands of skilled therapists
  • Most effective therapies that worked for my success


Fees: Please inquire.
Contact: joanwins@comcast.net or 503-251-5821-H; 503-969-1660-C
Website: www.joanwins.com/blog

Gordon Viggiano (peer)

My Brain Has A Hole In It

Experience: 31 years of experience with public speaking

Type of Presentations offered: Inspiring and motivating corporate and non-profit groups to:

  • Envision success
  • Overcome adversity
  • Execute winning plans

In most events, I present, and my wife handles the Q and A.

Audience: Sales Teams, hospitals, education, churches
Topics: Presentation titled My Brain Has A Hole In It.
Fees: Please inquire:  (503) 305-8722
Contact: (503)305-8722 or gordon@mybrainllc.com
Website: www.mybrainllc.com | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter